• Sulfonic Acid Group Containing Biological Buffer

    HEPES and PIPES are two types of sulfonic acid group containing biological buffer. They belong to Good’s buffer family and are especially dedicated to life science research that does not participate i...

  • The Difference between MOPS and MOPSO as Buffer

    3-(N-Morpholino)propanesulfonic acid is abbreviated as MOPS, is a zwitterionic biological buffer often used in biologica and biochemical research. Its useful pH range is from 6.5 to 7.9. And it is rec...

  • Medical composite material using TRIS as raw material

    In recent years, with the development of biological materials, the technical demand for surface modification of materials has become more and more extensive. Especially when the functions of tissue co...

  • MOPS used in detection of protein in food and fodder

    Proteins in food or feed ingredients often change in structure and solubility due to heat treatment or chemical reaction during the machining process, resulting in poor solubility. Protein detection m...

  • The Role of HEPES in Cosmetics

    HEPES is a zwitterionic buffer which applies in cell culture media, the study of protein, IVD reagent kits. It adjusts pH value range of solution from 6.8 to 8.2, especially useful at physiological pH...

  • C-reactive protein assay reagent with HEPES

    C-Reactive protein (CRP) is an acute phase reaction protein that reacts with S. pneumoniae C polysaccharide to form a complex with a molecular weight of 105,500 D and a half-life of 19 hours. Traditio...

  • The application of tromethamine organic acid salt

    Hyperuricemia and gout are one of the common diseases that endanger people's health. With the improvement of living standards, the incidence of hyperuricemia and gout is still rising. The treatment of...

  • Reagent with MOPS for detecting creatinine in human serum

    Serum creatinine is a product of muscle metabolism in humans. The measurement is an effective index for evaluating the glomerular filtration rate, and can effectively reflect the degree of substantial...

  • Free DNA extraction and enrichment kit with guanidine hydrochloride

    Nucleic acids include deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA), and are a class of biological macromolecules with genetic information. The study found that free DNA also contains very im...


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